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Scott Ligon has written a book about creating digital fine art in Photoshop, called "Digital Art Revolution, Creating Fine Art with Photoshop". The book is published by Watson-Guptill, a subsidiary of Random House, the premier publisher in books. The book features work from some of the most successful and innovative digital artists working today.

"Digital Art Revolution" has its own website: The site contains updated information on the book, free tutorials and extras not included in the book and an active blog discussing the progress of the book and our other creative endeavors.


digital art revolution book cover

Above: The book contains images from many of the most talented and influencial digital artists working today, Cover Art by Cindy Jerrell.


"Digital Art Revolution" is a book that teaches digital art from a true "fine art" perspective.
This is not a book that teaches readers to process photos in order to mimic various styles from art history. This is a book that familiarizes the readers with the fundaments of the visual language and then shows them how to apply these principals to digital art. It demonstrates the possibilities inherent in the medium and guides readers towards developing their own unique voice.

Rather than imitating art history and the great, unique artists that made it, it is a book that encourages artists to explore the possibilities of digital art and make art history.

The book offers "how", but just as importantly, it offers "why". All instruction is placed within the larger context of understanding the visual language and using it for expressive purposes. This book focuses on a mere portion of this vast spectrum of possibilities: two-dimensional fine art created with the help of Photoshop. It offers specific instruction within the perspective of a larger context of possibilities.

It is quite possible to use Photoshop and a drawing tablet to paint in a traditional manner.Photoshop, is also, of course, an amazing photo-editing program, capable of manipulating photographic material in endless ways, with great efficiency.

Many programs do one or the other. It is the ability to draw, paint, manipulate photos and other materials, and most importantly, combine them into something new and cohesive, which makes Photoshop the ideal choice for this book.

This book should give you a working knowledge of Photoshop and put this instruction in a perspective that encourages you to develop your own unique voice in doing so.


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"Photoshop as a means of personal expression" - from Scott Ligon's lecture at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland.